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TierItUp Inc.

TierItUp Inc, is a privately owned Reno Nevada startup founded in 2010 which creates social lifestyle applications for mobile and web. TierItUp got its start by developing a social buying website for web and mobile. TierItUp then pivoted to launching a new technology stack called TickHits, which focused on gamification and loyalties within point-of-sales ticketing systems. TickHits lead to a partnership with a $20 million point-of-sales company.

Meet The Team

Robert Larmore
Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Robert Larmore grew up in one of America's top vacation destinations, Lake Tahoe, CA. His childhood, filled with hiking, skiing, and camping in the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountains, spurred his passion for travel and exploration. Some of Bob’s favorite destinations are the Alps of Switzerland, the Cenotes of Mexico, and the meandering canyons of the Arizona desert. With a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA in management, Bob is the perfect fit to lead TierItUp Inc. into the travel industry.
Raymond Martinez
Raymond Martinez grew up in the Las Vegas, NV area and has been in the casino and gaming industry for over a decade. His exposure to the world of destination resorts, gambling, and leisure vacationing soon inspired his own passion for travel. Some of his favorite destinations are the bustling streets of Venice, Italy, whitewater rafting on Austria's rivers, and the rolling hills of California's wine country. On top of his love for travel, Ray has a bachelor's degree in computer science and a passion for entrepreneurship that is rooted in his childhood. At TierItUp, Ray enjoys managing quality assurance, databases, customer service, and public relations.

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